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Are Your Ready?

2011 has been a difficult, yet eventful year for me. Doctors still can’t explain my near-death experience in January when all the systems in my body began to shut-down and fail…heart, brain, kidneys, liver, digestive system, plus suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. At one point I was given anywhere from a few hours to six months to live. But I was able to overcome that only to have another near-death experience in early May, resulting in the amputation of my right leg below the knee due to gangrene, then months of rehabilitation, and getting used to a prosthetic leg. And on the first of March, the apartment building I live in was struck by a tow truck that lost its brakes coming down the mountainside I live on and slammed into the building at 85 m.p.h., virtually destroying three apartments (fortunately not mine) forcing all the tenants to move out as the building was temporary condemned until it could be thoroughly inspected. There was another eleven days interruption in my life and business. But the time spent recovering was a true learning experience, resulting in a new presentation for corporations, small businesses and the general public called Are You Ready?


Many corporations have contingency plans and safeguards in place, such as leading executives cannot fly on the same airplane together, but how long has it been since anyone has taken those plans down from the shelf and looked at and reviewed them for possible updates and changes. In many companies the dust must be very thick…what happens if a leading executive is permanently injured or dies, what if there is a major fire and records, equipment and furnishings are destroyed, and even worse employees are injured or die? How many companies affected by the tragedy of 9/11/2001 had plans in place to cover the loss of the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York City? It’s time for corporations to get those plans out and review them, make changes and make sure several people are very familiar with the plan.


It is almost a guarantee that most small businesses do not have any sort of plan in place in the event of a traumatic event…most have a, “Nothing will happen to me or my business,” mentality. What happens to the company if the owner is paralyzed or dies? Business plans are not something you simply write to get financing and then put on the shelf and forget. It should be a living document…something that is reviewed and updated frequently. Mine is always at hand, and is looked at on a regular basis, making changes as necessary. And included as an appendix is a small contingency plan that has come in very handy this year. Remember, it’s a business plan and that means all parts of an enterprise. Profitable one-man operations are especially vulnerable, because they are probably the main source of the family’s income.


It’s time to have those conversations no one wants to have and make those plans that never seem to get done, and when something tragic happens in a family, everyone seems at a loss as to what to do. What does each spouse want if they should die or become incapacitated? Do you have Advanced Health Care Directive, Living Will, and Will in place? Do have enough or too much life, heath, house or rental, and automobile insurance to cover your needs? Or do you even have insurance at all? One traumatic event can bankrupt a family that is ill prepared. What happens to the children if both parents are killed, say in a car wreck? It takes some time and effort to figure all this out, and honesty is essential in the conversations. But once in place, and reviewed and updated occasionally, make sure they are in a place where a family member or friend knows about them and where the documents can be found, then get on with your life, enjoying it to the hilt, knowing that you have done the right things.

Although this a indeed a very serious topic, it is done with humor so it is not too dry or depressing. This program will prove to be informative and entertaining, inspiring audience members into action. Besides the telling of my personal experience with the writing, and implementing of my contingency plans during 2011, I offer solid information and the steps to take, and how to do them. If you feel this is a program you want your business or group to hear contact me at…



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  • An entrepreneur – founder of over 20 corporations
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  • Nearly four decades experience as a professional keynote, business and motivational speaker
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I am best at connecting with people. I speak to audiences of all sizes from three up to 30,000, and yet all I see is a room full of individuals, each one of which has their own needs and wants. It is my job to get their attention (and hold it) by giving them something easy they can use NOW and make it a relevant, permanent part of their life. I use my experience and knowledge through motivational/inspirational topics as well as business and disability awareness presentations. I use humor to get my points across and keep my audiences entertained as well as informed. I tell is like it is, and am one of those people who is WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.


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